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The Drama Factory is dedicated to providing the highest quality of theatrical training to young people in a fun and nurturing environment.

Taught by leading drama educators and artisans in the performing art community, our innovative and contemporary curriculum aims to enrich the hearts and minds of today’s youth by providing them creative opportunities that aid in the development of self-awareness, critical thinking, team-building and personal growth.

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Rising Stars

4-6 Years Old

The focus of the Junior Program is to encourage cooperation and group awareness. The “good” group feeling generated by physical movement and energetic drama activities promotes trust in and sensitivity to others required for social growth. The Junior Drama program is designed to introduce storytelling, pantomime, improvisation, drama and voice.

Show Stoppers

7-11 Years Old

The intermediate Program is designed to introduce actors to specific techniques in order to develop their mind, voice and body for a confident and honest performance. Improvisation and scripted scene study provide fluency in acting fundamentals like conflict, action and given circumstances. As collaboration is essential to the creation of theatre, students will develop the social skills required to find creative solutions as a member of a team, to confidently give voice to original ideas, and grow respect towards the ideas of their peers. The drama curriculum introduces improvisation, comedy, role-play, mask, mime, voice and physical theatre.


12-18 Years Old

The Advanced Program develops the fundamentals of Drama to become bold and daring actors. Improvisation plays a strong role in the Advanced Program, allowing actors to follow their instincts and impulses. Character work is introduced, as well as drawing on the life experiences of the actor to share an honest and organic performance. The advanced drama program covers improvisation, comedy, classical theatre training techniques, stage combat and musical theatre elements.

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